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What others are saying about Superworking®

"Of all the courses I have attended over 26 years this was the most useful, interesting and enjoyable” Optus Communications


"An excellent transformational program that is highly challenging and produces immediate results."
Premier's Department


"One of the few courses I've done that has ongoing value - life changing”
Commonwealth Government


"An amazing course that  will be of great use"


I am getting more done in less time, have more energy, I’m more alert, need less sleep and feel less stress.
Gill Burke, Division Director, Information Services, Macquarie Bank


The independent magazine for Training and Development in the UK, gave Superworking® a five star rating on all parameters as follows:
  • Value for Money
  • Quality of Experience                
  • Effectiveness
  • Ability to meet business needs
  • Overall rating


Training Magazine, UK May 2003

“I know the workload I’m getting through at the moment is something I would not have been able to sustain previously.  It’s thanks to the Superworking® techniques I’ve taken on board that I’ve been able to respond so positively to a period at work that’s been even more challenging than usual” 
Tim Kiy, Marketing Director, Barclays


One of the most useful courses I’ve attended. A real life-changer. 
David Stewart-Hunter, CEO, Saatchi


We monitor our time in 6-minute units everyday.  I have it on record that I am now working 4-6 hours less a day but with the same number of chargeable hours. I am simply more effective in the hours that I work.  I no longer waste time handling material slowly or inefficiently – or having to redo my assistant’s or my own work. I would not charge for the hours I was inefficient or doing things over. 

Now I am delegating more effectively so that when the work comes back it is done properly and I don’t have to spend time explaining how to do it again.  In the past, I often would simply do it again myself.

I now know which are my most effective hours and the tasks requiring the most creative or difficult input, I save until then. Just before I came on the workshop, there was a major project I was working on.  The document was ready for signing but after returning from the first day of the workshop, I retrieved it.  I worked on it for 2 hours in my ‘prime time’ and discovered the component that simply made the document fall apart. 

Without that missing link – the transaction would have been void.

After day one I felt even better than when I had been on a 2-week holiday.  It took week cruising and one week lazing on Stradbroke Island to feel as good as after one day of the program. 
Nicole Lloyd – Nicol Robertson Halletts Lawyers Brisbane


By far the best course I have been to for improvement in personal and business goals and performance.
G Whitford, Rheem Australia Ltd


Would have no hesitation in recommending this course.  I do not know anyone who wouldn’t benefit greatly from it.
Peter Jollow, Commonwealth Bank of Australia


I had never heard of life balance and the importance of equilibrium before I did Superworking®. I learned  the guiding principles to a holistic approach to life and I cannot commend a single more important course than this to any senior executive. 
Simon Mordant, Caliburn Partners


Twenty-two people in Maritime (Department of Transport and Regional Services) have done this course, and without exception, found it the most significant they have undertaken in years.  
Joanne Blackburn, DOTRS, Canberra


…. A new dawn is now breaking, an enlightened course called Superworking™
Leonie Mack, DOTRS, Canberra


Amazing results in improved productivity and ability to manage stress. 
Allan Tippett, Manager, Marketing Operations, Westpac Banking Corporation


Never got so much out of such a short time in my entire life
Ron Gouldson


I’ve been working with the Superworking® principles now since 1993 and they continue to help me to achieve my goals.  Currently I run my own company, including conducting many hours of hands-on consulting both in Australia and throughout Asia, I’m completing an MBA and will also complete the Company Director’s Diploma before the end of the year. I wouldn’t stay sane without the Superworking® principles!
Cheryl Dooley, Managing Director, Dooley Dynamics Pty Ltd


“Superworking® continues to play a major part in my working life, almost two years after the course.   It has helped me to think more clearly, reduce stress and positively manage my workload.   I’m confident that the program played a major part in helping me to get to grips with my new role as CEO of BBC Children in Need in the run-up to our Jubilee appeal.   I’d recommend Superworking® to anyone”
Sally Deighan, CEO of BBC Children in Need


“I am convinced that I am now more energetic, capable, assured and less stressed.  My work output in quality and quantity has significantly increased. I urge you and your key staff to look seriously at Superworking®”
Steve Kelton, Director, TAFE, SA


Since completing Superworking®, I’ve been able to negotiate a position as Director of an exciting new company; a move I believe will cement my future as a leader in my field. Through ongoing use of the techniques and thought processes I discovered at the course, I’ve noticed the following changes; opportunities seem to present themselves in much greater numbers and far more frequently, risk taking has become much easier and less stressful to deal with, my self confidence and self image has never been greater, I work noticeably shorter hours and achieve much more, I’ve rediscovered my love of cycling and sailing and I now no longer feel tired and fatigued all day. I have new energy and vitality that I thought had been lost in childhood!
Andrew Chamberlain


I believe this is one of the few courses I have attended from which I have seen an obvious and likely sustained direct impact."  DIMA


This course addresses learning techniques and improves them; addresses preconceptions and shows how to remove them; addresses eating for mind/brain power and provides dietary data; addresses the power of positive thinking, visualization and goal setting and puts them into practice – it’s terrific!
Rex van Heythuysen, Manager, National Mutual Life Association


“I have experienced many courses - but none as effective as Superworking®.   The practical nature of the course, combined with the timing to explore, practice and take on board new behaviours - makes it unique and effective - it has the power to bring about significant improvements in individual performance”…  Ausaid


Based on the latest mind / brain research and the principles used to train athletes, astronauts and performing artists the Superworking® program consists of four one-day workshops conducted over one month. This allows the strategies used to be developed, practiced and reinforced in the workplace in leadership and management contexts.  The program builds the ability to maintain peak performance under pressure; changing the way you live and work forever.

Designed to trigger long-term behavior change, the researched outcomes reveal happier, more effective, committed, creative and better balanced individuals – who get more done in less time with less stress.

Using a holistic approach, Superworking® goes to the heart of what the individual is about. The program guides participants through a personal journey into their motivations, their experiences, their patterns of thinking and finally their personal drives, visions and passions.

Behavioural Scientist and Superworking® program designer Susanne Rix has been involved in the study of high performance, exceptional leaders, successful creators and outstanding sports people since the early 1980's. Working initially with the Australian Department of Health and the University of Sydney, Susanne developed a series of programs aimed at lifting personal effectiveness by applying the latest mind/brain research and by lifting personal well-being. Their interdisciplinary approach led to the development of Superworking® - a behaviour change program that results in measurable improvements in personal effectiveness, team cohesion, leadership skills, work/life balance and wellbeing. More recently, Susanne Rix initiated and presented the first three national conferences in Health, Stress and Fitness in the workplace. At the leading edge of mind-body training for leadership and management and the development of human potential, Susanne is author of the best selling book Superworking®: How to Achieve Peak Performance without Stress which provides the background, research and documented outcomes of the Superworking® program.

Deborah Moyle has been personally trained by Susanne Rix to deliver the Superworking® program in both public and in-house forums around Australia and overseas.

Click here to download a copy of the Superworking® brochure.

Superworking® program dates for 2010

May 2010
Sydney / Newcastle
June 2010
Cairns / Mackay
Feb 2010
Adelaide / Alice Springs
Aug 2010
Brisbane / Gold Coast
Mar 2010
Brisbane / Toowoomba
Oct 2010
Apr 2010
Perth / Bunbury
Nov 2010
Auckland / Wellington / Christchurch

NOTE:  Program dates and central venue to be confirmed once Expressions of Interest have been received.

IN-HOUSE Superworking® PROGRAMS AVAILABLE – contact us with your preferred dates and participant numbers.

Who is Superworking® for?

Superworking® is designed for anyone who:

  • Works under any kind of pressure
  • Needs to manage information/knowledge
  • Wants to balance work/family life effectively
  • Is in leadership roles
  • Deals with conflicting demands
  • Works in teams
  • Handles conflict
  • Is placed in high stress situations (meetings, presentations, negotiations)
  • Is required to concentrate for sustained periods
  • Needs to think strategically Needs to think creatively
  • Needs to think

Key Subject Areas

While each workshop program is structured to meet the specific needs and experiences of the participants involved, a number of key subject areas provide the core of the program.

These include:

Mind-Body Training - A system of exercises and training techniques that move the thought waves into their most effective patterns. The point at which mental clarity is high but physical tension is low. This section examines the physical pre-requisites to peak intellectual and physical performance. The studies of highly successful people provide models for comparison.

Work/Life balance - What does it really mean? How do highly effective manage to sustain successful relationships and personal well-being. Steps to successful personal control of work and leisure.

Building self-efficacy - the key to confidence, self-esteem, optimism and success.

Resilience and stress management - How to enhance the beneficial effects of stress and minimise the destructive effects. Preventing burnout. How to improve effectiveness under high levels of sustained pressure.

Creativity and Innovation - The right- and left-brain function. Analysis of present thinking style. Methods of developing whole-brain activity - the point where right-brain creativity combines with left-brain logic to develop imaginative and workable solutions. Exercises and practice in developing right-brain, left-brain and whole-brain activities.

Change Management - Strategies to examine the impact of change. How to build personal flexibility in constantly changing systems.

Extending Performance Cycles - What is peak performance? What are the triggers? At what point does effectiveness begin to decline? How to prevent the decline. How to tap into and sustain peak performance. How to inspire others to higher levels of effectiveness.

Problem Solving and Decision Making - The latest methods for developing a whole-brain approach to problem solving. Techniques to enable participants to clearly see the complex overview - to cut through the confusion of multiple solutions and crystallise the vital issues.

Mind Mapping - How to use this powerful tool for planning, problem solving, note taking, summarising and more. This technique uses far fewer words than traditional methods, to greater effect, leaving more time for listening and taking part in discussions. It is efficient, fast, simple and dramatically improves recall.

Multiple Intelligences- New approaches to understanding and using intelligence. Breaking away from the old mind sets that limit our views of ability. Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Intelligence (EQ)

Whole-brain Teams How thinking styles enhance or inhibit team effectiveness. Conflict prevention by understanding and valuing diversity. The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument is used as a tool to identify the diverse thinking styles that make up an effective team. How to use this to handle difficult people more effectively and to build highly effective low stress teams.

Vision and Values - Developing a long term vision and action plan aligned with personal values. Integrating motivation,commitment and integrity.

Mental Models - Breaking out of restrictive belief systems and creating an individual mindset. Achieving breakthrough thinking by identifying and challenging assumptions.

Mental Rehearsal - Mental rehearsal has been used for decades to enhance sports performance. The same techniques can be used to lift effectiveness in any situation, and these are adapted for use in the work environment.

Cognitive Restructuring- Thoughts and beliefs can make or break us. Self-limiting thought processes are identified and shifted to provide the foundation for building self-efficacy.

Outcomes for individuals

The four one-day workshops are conducted over four weeks to ensure that strategies used are developed, practiced and reinforced in the workplace before training is complete. It takes participants on a journey into a deeper and deeper understanding of how to access more of their personal potential.

A core component in the training is understanding and using the brain more effectively.  Superworking® includes activities which increase the flow of oxygen to the brain (proven to improve recall, concentration and problem-solving skills) as well as training in using the area of the brain largely suppressed by our education process - the area responsible for creativity and innovation.

Superworking® applies the principles as practiced by peak performers in a multitude of professional fields such as elite athletes, astronauts and performing artists are applied to leadership and management. Based on extensive research these are easy, simple, quick and practical techniques that you can use to tap into the vast unused resources of your mind and body. Over four weeks, you will develop, monitor and evaluate your personal and professional capabilities in critical performance areas; including: relationship management, leadership and negotiation, strategic thinking and work output.  Many discover new ways to develop a healthier work/life balance.

Outcomes for organisations

Superworking® has been developed and continues to be updated with ‘cutting edge’ academic research into the qualities of sustained success.  Successful organisations are made up of successful and motivated individuals with a sense of fulfillment. The Superworking® program is about the individual – and how each individual operates at his or her potential.  How they can manage themselves, develop social skills and work with the culture in which they find themselves. This minimal training can have a major impact in organisations.

Superworking® answers such questions as…

What triggers peak performance in individuals – and how is it sustained without burnout?

How can the behaviours of success be learned – particularly by those not open to behaviour change?

Superworking® has well documented results including reduced working hours, reduced absenteeism, improved effectiveness and enhanced team cohesion as well as some key competitive advantages such as improved innovation, competitiveness and the triple bottom line.  Where measured, results of attending Superworking® have included:

  • 28% reduction in working hours
  • 4% increase in chargeable hours
  • 50 % decrease in absenteeism
  • 250% increase in promotion rate
  • 4 year decrease in ‘health age’
  • 25% decrease in compensation claims
  • 2% decrease in staff turnover
  • 94% claimed to have more energy, commitment and drive

Conducted over four training days spread over four weeks, Superworking® uses peer coaching, introspection and peer support to help bring about the desired results. Superworking® is personal, experiential and interactive.

Bottom line results indicate this is an ideal platform for culture change – to build a strong culture and shared values. It can be run at any level in an organisation - from top to bottom – and in small or large organisations.  Superworking® builds more effective organisations by building more effective people.


Many ‘Top 50’ organisations as well as a large number of smaller public and private organisations have benefited from the Superworking® program, including: 

Superworking clients

Contact with previous participants to discuss the benefits of the program to themselves and to their organisation can be arranged.